SEATTLE -- The Port of Seattle played superhero for a cat named Batman missing at Sea-Tac Airport.

Batman and her sidekick owner were flying home to Washington D.C. when the cat escaped her carrier at a Sea-Tac checkpoint. Her owner had to keep traveling before Batman could be tracked down.

The next day, some alert citizens told airport managers about a curious noise inside a ceiling near the checkpoint. Sea-Tac called in the resident wildlife biologists who rarely get a rescue call indoors.

Biologists crawled into the ceiling area and set up food and traps to lure the cat out from the dark night. Finally at 3 a.m. on the 4th day, Batman reached the self-closing cage and an overdue meal.

The cat received an exam and extended stay with a local friend of the owner. Then on March 15, Port of Seattle employee Lisa Rousseau brought Batman on her previously-scheduled business trip to D.C. and the missing cat caper came to a happy close.