Edmonds police say they've arrested a woman who worked at a neighborhood bar called Harvey's Lounge in connection with a hate crime that happened earlier this month.

On February 5, Darnesha Weary says her two children - her 18-year-old son and 14-year-old daughter - were taking pictures for a school project in an area near Harvey's Lounge in Edmonds.

They told police, an employee came out of the establishment with a bat, started yelling at them to leave the property and used a derogatory racial slur. Police say surveillance video showed the woman holding a bat and yelling at the victims.

"It's unfortunate that in your neighborhood, the only neighborhood that you know, you now feel unsafe," said Weary. "That your parents now feel unsafe simply because of the color of your skin. This is a reality I never thought was going to happen in our neighborhood. You just never think you're going to happen so close to home. But I told them, I told my son, they criminalized you and saw a 6'5 black man and they automatically assumed you were suspicious and that you were a criminal. We start to build them back up."

Detectives say the 45-year-old woman was arrested Wednesday after she gave inconsistent statements about the incident and after police reviewed surveillance video. The woman was booked into jail for Malicious Harassment.

After hearing news of the arrest, Weary said she is very happy.

KING 5 spoke to the owner of Harvey's Lounge last week. They said they couldn't comment because it was a pending investigation.

This is a conversation KING 5 is committed to continuing. In the coming weeks, KING 5 will have more with the Weary family - conversations about the struggles minority parents face raising their children and what we can do to help change things.