The White House announced plans this week to cut funds from a grant program that provides money for the Meals on Wheels Program. It's an idea that seems to be having the opposite effect on the organization.

In what could be an ugly budget battle, a program that provides meals to thousands of homebound seniors seems like an unlikely target. Sound Generations runs Meals on Wheels in King County and says they’ve had a flood of support.

“We have received all kind of donations the last couple days” Susan Doerr explained. “People are specifically talking about how angry they were that this budget attacks seniors and people who need assistance.”

Sound Generations says they're concerned the cuts could also impact transportation programs that help seniors get to doctor appointments. They're grateful for the money that's come in but hope it goes beyond that.

“We need them to be part of the advocacy effort, as well,” Doerr said.

The group says their research shows their programs keep seniors healthier and in their homes longer which save money in the long run.