OLYMPIA, Wash. - Police arrested several people from railroad tracks Friday morning after a week of anti-fracking protests.

Police began clearing the tracks around 4 a.m. Shortly after the process began, Olympia Police arrested five masked individuals that rushed onto the tracks and began damaging cleaning equipment.

The group Stand Action began protests last Friday, Nov. 11 near 7th Avenue and Jefferson Street. Protesters staged "a human blockade" stopping a train transporting fracking proppants to the Bakken Basin in North Dakota, reportedly a source of oil for the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Protesters constructed a temporary camp of tents and supplies.

Just before 7 a.m. a small group began blocking downtown streets and starting fires. About 30 minutes later Olympia Police tweeted that crowds had dispersed.

A spokesperson with Union Pacific Railroad officers, assisted by local law enforcement, began removing protesters for the safety of them and the community.

Police have begun clearing the debris on the tracks left behind by protesters.