SEATTLE -- A team of local artists and designers think Seattle’s so-called “Jungle” along I-5 could someday support thousands of affordable homes, acres of parks and miles of trails.

They’re calling it The Equity Line.

“Now is the time for big ideas,” said Taj Hanson, a landscape architect, who came up with the concept along with George Lee, an artist.

Their plans, which are nothing more than a set of renderings and rough designs, call for 28,000 housing units on the public land that stretches along I-5 in downtown Seattle. Lids would be built over parts of the interstate, creating more space.

“There’s so much evidence that housing first is the model to really improve the city and improve people's lives,” said Lee.

A multi-use trail would carry pedestrians and cyclists along the I-5 corridor.

Lee and Hanson came up with the idea for The Equity Line after taking walks through the jungle and reflecting on how they might contribute to an ongoing dialogue about how to deal with the troubled space, where hundreds of homeless people once lived.

“I think the conversation is the most important thing,” said Hanson.

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