Some Amazon Prime members are trying a new feature: Prime Wardrobe.

If you don't have time to go shopping or stop into a store, Prime Wardrobe can bring the dressing room to your home.

Prime Wardrobe allows allowing Prime members to order a box of clothes, try them on at home, and return anything they don't like.

The only charge: the clothes you keep. And if you keep three or four items, Amazon discounts 10 percent. Keep five or more items—save 20 percent.

The cost of returning the unwanted items is already taken care of with a prepaid shipping label.

The program is included with Prime memberships and is currently in beta mode.

Other companies such as Trunk Club, Bento Box and Stitch Fix have similar programs in place.

Amazon says its program features more than a million clothing items are available for women, men, kids and babies, including brands like Calvin Klein, adidas, Lacoste and more.