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It was a proud moment for Aberdeen’s Ericka Corban Monday night as she sang on a national stage for NBC’s hit show ‘The Voice.’ Corban has been a professional singer for the last seven years while working full time as a mother of four. Unfortunately, she was not able to make a team on the show, but she is still grateful for the opportunity.

“They picked 90 of us out of 40,000, so I felt really honored to be a part of that group,” Corban said. “I think it’s really because of the thousands of people who told me, ‘Try out for 'The Voice!' You’re good enough; you can do this!’ I think that just started to get to me.”

Corban made the show after nearly a year of auditions. When the show aired last night, hundreds of people packed D&R Theater in Aberdeen for a watch party.

“People have been so supportive from small businesses to individuals who have hired me for different things,” Corban said. “They have helped me to gain confidence over the years.”

Corban says she could not have done it without her husband Mattaniah who served as a single dad for a month while she chased this dream in Hollywood.

“He is certainly the hero of this story,” she said with a smile. “I could not have done it without him.”

“We’re very proud of her,” Mattaniah said. “It means so much to me, and to the kids, and of course our parents, that she could be out there. That she could express herself and be recognized too.”

Corban is hoping that she will be able to continue living out her music dream. She’s hoping to book more gigs throughout Western Washington and beyond. If you are interested in more information on her story, you can find it on ErickaCorban.com.