An 8-year-old Bothell girl is in the middle of a week-long fundraising effort to help Syrian refugees with food, shelter, clean water, and other essentials. This isn't Charlotte Tristan's first fundraising effort. Over the last several years she's made YouTube videos that have raised nearly $10,000 for charity in videos that have garnered nearly 6,000 views.

"Her father and I are incredibly proud," Heather Tristan said. "There are no words really to see our daughter learning compassion and hearing and getting the message that even though she's a child her voice makes a difference."

Heather says that Charlotte's passion for making a difference started when she was five and her family sponsored a young girl in the developing world.

"I think once that connection was made she immediately had empathy for people who have needs that need to be met," Heather said.

Syria is in the midst of a civil war and estimates show that nearly 12 million people are fleeing the country, half of those people are kids. Charlotte's video shows her desire to help those people get the basics of human dignity: food, water, and shelter.

"When I think of myself cold, tired, being in need of something to eat, I would not enjoy being in that position," Charlotte said. "I want to put out the message that even if you're a little girl like me just 8 years old, you can make a big difference in the world."

"You don't have to be a politician, or a political figure, or someone with a lot of power or notoriety to make a difference," Heather Tristan said. "You can be 8 year old girl with a camcorder."

If you would like to see Charlotte's video you can watch here.

If you are interested in helping Charlotte reach her goal you can find more information on this link.