Ask anyone, and they'll tell you it's been a rough winter in Seattle with frigid and wet weather. After an unseasonably cold winter, some homeowners may be looking for ways to balance out the energy budget by taking advantage of nicer weather.

Puget Sound Energy has some tips to help us lower energy use and save money.

An easy way to start is to replace five of your home's most used lights with an energy-efficient LED bulb. That switch could save you up to $75 a year.

If you can replace your appliances, it could save you hundreds of dollars long term. Old refrigerators and clothes washers and dryers are typically the biggest energy wasters in a home. Another tip is to wash your clothes in cold water because heating consumes energy.

Take the guessing out of heating your home by installing a smart thermostat. Typically they program themselves and are proven to save money.

You can also call your local utility for a home energy assessment. Puget Sound gives free assessments and often gives rebates for certain energy-efficient products.