Halloween is a time for spooky fun, but don't let the night be downright scary.

This year, Halloween falls on a Tuesday. That means trick-or-treaters could be on the streets while many drivers are still commuting home. The sun sets in Western Washington just before 6 p.m. on Tuesday. Consider these tips before your little ones go door-to-door:

1. Light it up: Incorporate reflective tape into your child’s costume to make sure cars see them more easily. And don’t forget to bring flashlights or headlamps for your walk.

2. Map it out: Figure out which neighborhoods you want to visit before you go. This will save you extra steps, plus you'll know if there are any busy streets or intersections on your route.

3. Get comfy: Wear comfortable shoes (it's okay if they don't match the costume) and ensure that costumes aren’t too long to avoid tripping. Have your little one try out their costume a few days beforehand, so that they’re comfortable walking in it. The forecast looks dry, but temperatures will drop quickly after the sun goes down.

4. Visit welcoming houses: Only approach houses that are well-lit. That's a general sign the residents are handing out candy on Halloween. Never enter the house of a stranger.

5. Check candy: Parents, check your child's candy before they dig in. Make sure the treats are properly wrapped and not homemade. Don't start your night on an empty stomach. Too much sugar-snacking along the way could lead to an upset tummy.

BONUS TIP: Homeowners, make sure your house is well-lit, pets secured, and your porch is free of leaves and other obstacles. Consider handing out candy without nuts to avoid allergies.