A young boy's late-night adventure has a happy outcome, despite a series of dangerous moves. A 4-year-old boy wearing Mickey Mouse pajamas decided to climb out of bed in Graham on Wednesday night. He opened his window on the second floor, popped out the screen, and somehow made it safely to the ground.

The boy then started running in the middle of Meridian Avenue in Graham. A witness called the Pierce County Sheriff's Office around 8:40 p.m. to report the young child running southbound down the street. The witness helped get the boy to a nearby home, where he enjoyed a popsicle.

When deputies arrived, the boy said his name was Joseph, but he didn't know his last name or address. He told deputies that he had climbed out of his window and "lived far away."

They took him in a patrol car and started knocking on doors, working to find his house and get help identifying him. But nobody in the neighborhood recognized the boy. They used social media to share his picture.

About three hours later, two worried parents called 911 to report that their son, Joseph, was missing from his bedroom. Their home was about six blocks from where deputies found the boy.

Joseph's parents had put him to bed hours earlier, but he was missing when they went to check on him, the sheriff's office said.

Deputies and Joseph's parents were all surprised at his ability to open his bedroom window, pop out the screen, and climb down from the second floor—without injury.

"Sounds like this little guy might be more like a Spiderman fan than a Mickey Mouse fan," the sheriff's office said.