Seattle police have arrested and charged two men and a woman for "unleashing hundreds of rounds" from high-powered rifles and handguns at homes and vehicles, sometimes choosing their victims at random.

The three suspects - Isiah Lewis, 18, Rodney Strickland, 17, and Melissa Langi, 23 - are accusing of firing at least 50 rounds on April 30 at home on South Juneau Street, where one of the suspects mistakenly believed a gang rival member lived. The resident, a teacher, was not hurt in the incident.

In a second incident on May 3, the suspects fired more than two dozen rounds at an oncoming vehicle in Holly Park Drive. The victims, who were targeted for simply driving through the neighborhood, were also unharmed.

Early the next morning, the suspects opened fire on an elderly couple who drove past them while delivering newspapers. At least 41 rounds were fired at the couple. The male victim was struck in the chest and shoulder, while the female victim suffered injuries from broken glass.

And in another incident on April 24, two of the suspects are believed to have opened fire on a family in Kent with an AK-47 style rifle in what prosecutors describe as an attempted "thrill killing."

Investigators linked the shootings through forensics evidence and recovered the AR-15 and AK-47 rifles. All three suspects are in custody and are facing charges for multiple crimes, including assault and weapons possession. All three have been charged as adults.

The shootings have some neighbors concerned about the violence.

"There's promising stuff going on in the neighborhood, and then something like this happens and you get really concerned, especially if you have kids," said David Berman, who lives in Holly Park where the May 3 shooting happened. "We'd like to stay here, but we also have to think if we have to move someplace else, too."