If you're old enough, you remember watching the news in shock. Hearing about the car crash in Paris that took the life of Princess Diana.

It was a Saturday morning, August 31st. She died at 4 a.m.

20 years after her death, I wanted to share through some of the photographs I took, what I remember reporting from the streets of London.

Thousands of journalists flooded into the city from around the world. People kept coming. Young and old, from everywhere. From across the United States and across the world to leave flowers, cards, to pay their respects.

Her funeral came nearly a week after the car crash that took her life, Sept. 6, 1997. More than one million people lined the streets of London.

Tens of thousands filled Hyde Park where gigantic speakers were set up to broadcast the service from inside Westminster Abbey. I remember Elton John beautiful tribute to Princess Diana...