King County has completed a $20 million levee project that is supposed to spread out river levels and help prevent flooding in flood-prone places like Pacific.

But while flooding was kept at a minimum following last week's storms, the system has yet to be fully tested.

Pacific is used to frequent flooding. So is Vicky Nelson.

“This weekend it was kind of scary because it was so rainy,” she said.

She said her house has flooded twice. The worst was in 2009 when more than 100 houses flooded.

In addition to the levee, the county also bought out several homeowners, cleared the land, and moved temporary barriers.

While the White River was supposed to cause minor flooding in the area, an official with the county flood district said flooding only reached Stage 1, which is not noticeable flooding.

Nelson is more concerned about the rainy season to come.

“It just fills us with dread because we know that we’re going to get flooded out again,” she said.