Two never-before-seen by the public paintings by Kurt Cobain went on display Thursday at the Seattle Art Fair.

The paintings are on display with several other artists because of a "direct conversation" with the other contemporaries, said Joshua Roth of the United Talent Agency.

“Kurt Cobain was perhaps the most iconic musician of his generation, but his work as a visual artist is often overlooked,” Roth said. “These paintings provide an opportunity to see him, and some of his contemporaries, in a new light.”

Cobain is best-known for his role as Nirvana's lead singer.

Roth said the paintings were safely and properly cared for before being transported to the public display. Cobain has several other paintings that have never been seen before, either.

"This was a massively creative individual," Roth said. "He was never not thinking about, you know, music, art."

The paintings are on display through Sunday at booth B13 at the Seattle Art Fair.

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