KINGSTON, Wash. - Ahead of this baseball season, the Kingston Buccaneers were in need of a new field.

Kingston Youth Sports Association President, Joseph Sorensen, found out in late January that the regular field was going to be renovated.

"Our baseball athletic director had come to me and said, we are not going to be able to use that field this year, the school fields are not playable. We are really going to have to get out there and look for a field to play on," said Sorensen.

Tara Donaldson is the fundraising coordinator for KYSA.

"If we cut the baseball program this year, then it is just hard to recover from that," said Donaldson.

She turned to her relative, Ed Carriere, a Suquamish Tribal Elder and well-known artist who owned land that would be a good fit for a field.

"I got to thinking it over. I said, well I've made enough money on it," said Carriere. "We are just going to sign a land use agreement for one dollar a year."

"It's an amazing deal. We aren't going to pass it up," said Sorensen.

Donaldson says construction companies have also donated supplies, and volunteers will help get the land ready. There will be a work party this weekend. Little league practice starts the third week of March.

"This is community coming together," said Donaldson.

For these kids, Ed is their angel in the outfield, making dreams of a new place to play come true.

Kingston Buccaneers are not associated with North Kitsap American and National Little Leagues.