Auburn police shot and and killed an armed man who walked into two homes and tried to carjack an occupied vehicle Saturday afternoon.

Around 12:30 p.m., police responded call in the 400 block of 23rd Street after residents reported a man with a knife entering their homes, according to a news release.

One victim told KING 5 she was sitting on the couch watching TV when the suspect walked in, demanding money. He left when she told him to leave, he did, then she called 911.

Police say the suspect entered another house with people in it. That's when officers showed up, and the suspect fled.

A couple blocks away at the intersection of 21st Street and D Street SE, police say the suspect tried to carjack a vehicle with a female driver. That's when one officer opened fire and killed the man.

Police said the suspect was a man in his 20s. The officer involved in the shooting has been at the department for seven years. Nobody else was injured.

21st St. SE was closed between F and A streets during the police investigation.

KING 5's Liza Javier, Bryce Newberry and Ryan Takeo contributed to this report.