SEATTLE, Wash. -- It's called 'Sleepless in Seattle' but this is no Rom-Com. It's a grassroots effort to give brand new sleeping bags to the more than three thousand people in King County who go to sleep on the streets every night.

Eddie Wang decided to do this after being struck by the contrast between student life on the UW Campus and the struggles of homeless people living nearby on the Ave. His friend Gloria Louie recorded their stories on a video they call 'Sleepless in Seattle."

"Every face has such a beautiful story. Getting to know the stories has been such a a blessing," said Wang.

One story that stays with Eddie is Liam's: A man who appears with his two baby sons in the video and explains that he sleeps on the street with his children.

"It's amazing to hear that there are people who are actually raising a family that young on the streets."

Sometimes, not even a job is enough to keep a roof and a bed.

"One of the guys in our video, he's working part time at McDonald's. Which isn't enough to support him."

Wang has set up an IndieGoGo campaign, the goal is to raise 75 thousand dollars by this Thanksgiving Day, to purchase, and distribute new sleeping bags. Numerous corporate donors have come on board, including one that is matching donations.

He knows he's not ending homelessness with this. He just wants to provide a bit of warmth to fellow human beings.

And he also wants 'Sleepless in Seattle' to do something bigger:

Wake up those of us who are lucky enough to have a place to sleep.

"People just don't know that there's real people out here, just like you and me, who have stories to share. People worth loving. I think it would just be powerful as a community to rally around it, say we as a city, we as a county. We care about the people, we want to take care of the people in our backyard."

To contribute to this year's Sleepless in Seattle's IndieGoGo campaign, click here