What do you reach for after a stressful day? Beer, chips? We all do it. In fact, human nature says we rarely eat based on hunger.

"We eat because we're in a social atmosphere, there's music playing," said Bonni London, a registered dietitian and nutritionist.

Even positive feelings lead to emotional eating. A birthday party, vacation, a house remodel, or stressful work can cause people to go off kilter.

Whether you're happy or stressed, comforting your body with unhealthy food will only make you eat more and make your stress worse.

"It's only going to exasperate the situation by increasing inflammation, and we know that these foods also change the microbes in our gut, which we are understanding more and more also affect our mental status," said London.

Nutritionists say getting ahead of the game starts in the morning.

"A great balanced breakfast with high-quality protein. I love like a vegetable omelet for example. Also, something really important is hydration, being even slightly dehydrated can increase these stress hormones," said London.

So, keep healthy food on hand, and have a plan.

“When they get home, and they don't have anything prepared and things aren't around, and that's when bad things happen," said London.

Try to get a good night's sleep and take the stress out at the gym. And reach for green food and fish for a mood booster.