An outdoor survival skills class is giving cancer patients and their loved ones a new way to find support in their battle with the disease. It's one of the several classes offered for survivors and those going through treatment.

Alderleaf Wilderness College in Monroe hosted the outdoor survival skills class Sunday. College director Jason Knight said he was excited about bringing the group out there.

“Wilderness skills are empowering. It's very therapeutic. It's connecting with nature and doing healthy things,” he said.

They looked at edible plants, learned how to build shelters, find safe water sources and how to make fire.

“You're already surviving something so now I can add these skills to it, so it’s just another way of feeling normal as you're going through treatment and recovery," Brenda Frost, who has been cancer-free for seven years, said.

Frost said it was good to get out in nature and there is comfort in doing in activities with others who understand your struggle.

“Let's do something different. And I don't have to explain why I might be a little slower or out of breath, You get it,” she said.

The class is one of several sponsored by Ford. Their program is designed to help those facing the disease have more good days as they go through recovery.

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