An enlarged prostate is a common problem for older men and the frequent urination can cause has a big impact on quality of life. But a new procedure called Uro-lift is offering relief.

Dr. Brian Mazzarella said it’s an issue most men will encounter in their lives and explains how the procedure works.

"We go in with a scope and place these tiny little devices, that instead of scraping the entire inside of the prostate it lift and hold it open. It reestablishes the channel that helps men go to the bathroom more easily, and most importantly, relieves most of those symptoms that are bothering people," said the urologist.

Mazzarella says Uro-lift is helping men return to their normal day-to-day life without the need for medication or lasting sexual side effects associated with past surgeries.

As a bus driver and avid traveler Mason Miller was definitely hindered by frequent breaks.

"I could get in my car, and by the time I get down the road, 15 minutes -- not even 10 minutes -- I’ll need to use the restroom. Every time I went somewhere I have to stop every 30 to 45 minutes, or, if I do travel, I wouldn't drink nothing," said Miller.

Miller had the Uro-lift procedure four months ago and said he’s back to feeling like his old self. He said his urges are gone and doesn’t have to plan his life around a bathroom break.

There are numerous ways doctors have for treating an enlarged prostate effectively.

The Uro-lift is one new option that might be right for you. Having a discussion with your urologist is the best way to determine the proper treatment.