SEATTLE -- When Katie Keith was 25 years old, she had a few health issues, including diabetes and high blood pressure. She knew something had to change and underwent surgery at Swedish Hospital in Seattle to reduce the size of her stomach by 80 percent.

Six years later, she is running long distances and no longer worries about high blood pressure or diabetes. She still uses Swedish for her aftercare, which has included psychological services and nutritional guidance.

"There's a whole team of people that support you through your whole journey," said Keith. "I think that when you're going through something, so life changing, you absolutely need a whole team to support you."

It's the hope that success stories like that will be more frequent with Swedish's new Bariatric, Metabolic, Endocrine Center. It's a place where doctors and specialists work together under one roof to collaborate. Many of the doctors share patients, so this should lessen confusion and expedite patient care.

"It's phenomenal," said Brian Sung, Medical Director of Bariatric Surgery. "This new clinic is one of a kind. As far we know, it's the only fully integrated metabolic center in the United States."

Keith still sees Swedish doctors and specialists, but now that they're all under one roof, it makes her care much easier.

"This is pretty incredible," said Keith. "It's so nice that it's one clinic. Everybody's here. I can walk down and see any provider that I need to see and they all talk to each other. It's been really great."

The Swedish Bariatric, Metabolic, Endocrine Center is at 1124 Columbia Street, Suite 400, in the First Hill neighborhood.