FEDERAL WAY, Wash. -- It's well-known that many young people enjoy hip hop music but many not enjoy eating healthy foods. A promoter from Federal Way is trying to bring the two together.

Keith Tucker has launched the "Hip Hop is Green" tour in which he serves young people vegan meals while bringing in the hip hop culture.

"We've done eight green dinners so far and we haven't made a misstep yet," Tucker said. "This is an emergency that we have in America to get young people to eat their food properly so I've found a really good balance to reach young people through hip hop culture and they're responding to it."

The 2015 tour will go across the country. Tucker also recently returned from the White House where First Lady Michelle Obama invited him and his vegan DJs to share some of their work.

Tucker not only provides a hot meal for youth and their families, he also provides them with a lesson that they can take away as they continue to live their lives.

"There will be a local chef there that will show them how to cook their food. There will be a grocery store there where they can buy organic products and there will be an organic farmer if people want to learn how to grow their own food," Tucker said.

Tucker said right now is a crucial time to remind young people about the importance of healthy eating as the obesity rate continues to increase in America today.

"Now we're in the 50-60 percentile obesity rate and that's because of the advent of fast food, processed food. Families don't sit down anymore eating dinner like they used to," Tucker said.

That's why he's taking this unique approach to try and make a change.

"This is the first time in history that this has ever been done in hip hop culture. No one in hip hop culture has fed vegan food to kids," Tucker said. "Ever."

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