Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson sets the record straight about the safety of vaccines - and a new way to keep your immunization records.

What We Know About Vaccines

• Vaccines remain the most effective preventative health tool we have
IOM report evaluated over 1000 research studies – vaccines are safe
• No research linking vaccines and autism despite myths circulated online
• Nearly 90% families follow the recommended immunization schedule

Impact Of Vaccines

• The World Health Organization states: vaccines prevent 2-3 million deaths every year
• Since 1998 worldwide polio cases have dropped over 99%
• Not all missed vaccines are intentional
• Many children aren’t up-to-date because they have missed appointments, rather than refusing

New Immunization Record Access: MyIR

• MyIR gives you access to your official, consolidated immunization records on any device, any time
• Records get updated immediately after any new vaccine is given
• Can be printed to give schools, athletic clubs and day cares
• Available in: Alaska, Arizona, Louisiana, Washington & West Virginia

Here’s How:
• Visit: www.myir.net
• Register yourself and any other family members
• Verify: click Auto Match to have the site match your account with your state records
• If Auto Match can’t find an exact match, click State Assisted Registration