Two studies that came out Monday established the effectiveness of vaccines in reducing death and serious infection. Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson from Seattle Children's Hospital explains why it's important to stay up to date on your and your children's vaccinations.

Protecting children from influenza

- 61 children have already died this season from influenza
- Influenza (“the flu”) most dangerous to those under 5 years old and those older than 65 years old
- New study evaluated nearly 300 of 358 pediatric deaths related to a flu virus 2010-14
- Only 26 percent of those children who died received the flu vaccine prior to getting sick

Protecting children from whooping cough

- Whooping cough most dangerous for infants under 2 months old
- Immunizing moms during pregnancy protects mom and baby
- 2,700 children under 1 years old had whooping cough (3 died) in 2015
- Study found Tdap vaccination during pregnancy protects 88 percent of infants
- Study found mom Tdap during pregnancy is 85 percent more effective than after baby born

What we know

- Vaccines reduce flu deaths; get the flu vaccine every fall
- Flu vaccine reduces flu-associated child deaths by 75 percent with a 50 percent reduction for children with high-risk conditions
- Tdap during pregnancy best way to protect babies


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