One of Seattle’s favorite rappers made two major announcements on Instagram on Thursday.

In a video, Macklemore said his wife Tricia is pregnant with their second child.

The couple, along with their daughter and a few others, appeared to be cutting a gender-reveal cake.

“The suspense is killing me,” one person said as Macklemore cut the cake.

“We’re having ... a second night at Key Arena!” he said as he pulled a small black and white flyer from the cake.

Everyone started laughing.

Mack said tickets would go on sale Friday morning.

Seattle... Second time’s the charm. 😉 (and yes, both announcements are true)

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According to his website, the show will December 23 - the night after his first show.

He clarified that BOTH announcements are true. So, we'll just be over here waiting to find out if it's a boy or a girl!

Congrats to the growing Haggerty family!