Legendary tennis player Billie Jean King's iconic match against Bobby Riggs is the focus of the new movie Battle of the Sexes.

Her win was a major victory for women fighting for equality in the world of sports in 1973.

Nearly 45 years later, she talked to Evening host Kim Holcomb about the experience.

KING: "Seattle! Beautiful there, huh?"


KING: "You know Seattle is supposed to be the smartest city per capita out of any city in the country?"

HOLCOMB: "I think that is something we'd love to claim."

KING: "Well, you can claim it because it's what I keep hearing!"

HOLCOMB: "When I was growing up you really did represent, in my world, a fearless woman. This film, though, shows other aspects of your life. Were you scared?"

KING: "Of course I was scared, oh my gosh, I was scared! I had to win. It was like one shot and that's it. Just one moment. You know, if you win or lose Wimbledon for instance, you can say, 'Next year I'm gonna go for it,' unless you're retiring. But this was a one-time deal."

Battle of the Sexes is rated PG-13 and opens in theaters September 29.