Supporters of charter schools are calling it a decisive win after a King County Superior Court judge ruled that the state's 2016 Charter School Act, is "on it's face," constitutional.

Plaintiffs had argued the act violated the constitution by diverting public funding to privately run charter schools that are unaccountable to Washington voters.

But Judge John H. Chun found that the Act, itself, does not disrupt the existing public school system, divert money from public to charter schools, or deprive any Washington child of access to public schools.

He noted that his ruling does not prevent lawsuits that argue the way the law is being implemented may be unconstitutional.

He stressed that this case didn't involve the merits of charter schools and it doesn't affect a State Supreme Court order that the legislature fully fund education.

Supporters say charter schools give families more options and can benefit students who are struggling in traditional schools. The state has eight charter schools that serve about 1,600 students.