Seattle School Superintendent Larry Nyland expressed optimism Friday that lawmakers will find a K-12 funding solution by next week.

Nyland acknowledged the district will hold a public informational budget meeting next week involving "making contingency plans. If there is more money coming in from the state legislature, how will we spend it?"

It's a sharp turn for Nyland, who has been pessimistic about state funding since the start of this school year. It led to cuts of 50 teaching positions and additional cuts across the district. He said enrollment is up at most schools across the district, with the exception of a handful of elementary schools. Nyland did acknowledge specific schools were given "displacement notices" this week, given those changes in enrollment.

District and Teachers' Union representatives noted the sudden, last minute notice was a byproduct of the current budget shortfall. The Seattle School District says it is $50 million short in the budget cycle.

Jolynn Berge, an assistant superintendent for Business and Finance, says the projected enrollment numbers come out the same time every June, but the displacement was a result of the shortfall. She added that the enrollment numbers across the district call for the addition of 13 Full-Time Employment (FTE) positions.

The informational meeting is on June 29 from 4:30 p.m.-6:00 p.m. at the John Stanford Center.