Lakeside School will open a new micro-school near the Seattle Center by fall of 2018.

The Downtown School, the name of the new micro-school, will be located two blocks from the Pacific Science Center at Warren Avenue North off John Street, Lakeside School announced in June.

"We are thrilled to find a building that meets both our programmatic needs and is financially a great deal," said Sue Belcher, The Downtown School's head of school. "I think students and faculty will love the big, light-filled classrooms, and the proximity to Seattle Center and downtown will make it easy to use the city itself as a classroom – an aspect of this school that I think will be particularly exciting to students."

The historic 1927 building was originally Sacred Heart School and was most-recently leased by Waldorf High School. It's owned by the Archdiocese of Seattle.

Lakeside School's new lease agreement is $5 million over 11 years. Tuition at The Downtown School is expected to be around $17,000 per year.

The space will be updated and ready to open in fall 2018.