The King County Sheriff's Office released a sketch Wednesday of a man they say assaulted a woman walking her dog in Burien last month.

Police say the woman suffered a fractured jaw when the suspect attacked her.

The incident happened May 5 around 8 p.m. at Highline High School.

The woman was walking her dog on school property when the suspect asked her how to get to a sporting event at the school, according to a King County Sheriff's Office news release.

She gave him directions, but he went and stood at a tree nearby. He returned and tried to pet her dog, but the dog growled and wouldn't let him pet it, the victim told police.

When she picked up her dog and started running, the man, who called himself Juan, began chasing her. He wrapped his arm around her neck, causing her to struggle to breathe.

She eventually escaped and ran home, but wasn't sure where the man went. She told police he ran toward where all of the people were leaving the sporting event.

The victim described the suspect as a Hispanic man, in his mid-20s, with a medium build, brown eyes, and short black hair.