A 9-year-old Tumwater girl says a man tried to lure her into his car when she was on a bike ride with her family on Sunday.

The Tumwater County Sheriff's Office says the girl rode ahead of her family on her bike. When she got to the intersection of Armstrong St. SW and 88th Ave. SW, a man pulled over and told her to get into his car.

She took off on her bike, riding all the way home. She said he followed her until she got back to her driveway. Her family members were too far behind to see what happened, the sheriff's office said.

Deputies say the man, in his late teens or early 20s, was driving a bright green sedan with damage to the front bumper and two large scratches on the passenger side of the hood.

The girl said the man had short reddish-orange hair and an earring in his left ear. She also said he had a high-pitched voice.

Thurston County Sheriff's detectives are investigating. Send tips to Detective Alan Clark at 360-786-5527 or email detectives@co.thurston.wa.us.