King County Sheriff John Urquhart says he's requested the FBI look into an fatal shooting involving one of his deputies.

It happened at a Town Hall on Wednesday over the June shooting of 20-year-old Tommy Le in Burien, that was heavily attended by Le's family and friends.

Le's parents both spoke through translators about their son and how he was a good kid with no criminal record.

It's been one of the aspects to a incident that has been murky on details from the start. Back in June, two Sheriff's deputies responded to a neighborhood after reports that a man with a knife was banging on doors and acting erratic.
There was some sort of confrontation with deputies, which ended up with shots being fired, and Le fatally wounded. Le was found with only a pen, and no knife.

Le's family questioned Urquhart directly why he would publicly tell the media Le had a knife in the wake of the shooting if none was found at the scene. A man who said he was Le's uncle quizzed Urquhart, asking why "(You) make him look so bad?"

The Sheriff responded, "We have two witnesses, two independent witnesses that called 911 saying they were attacked – by Tommy as it turned – with a knife, holding a knife." He added, "We believe he went back to the house, left the knife, and came back with a pen in his hand."

The entire description was too graphic for Le's grandmother, who was spotted leaving the room in tears.

Urquhart went on to use to the incident as reasoning for adding body cameras. He turned to two King County councilmembers in attendance – Larry Gossett and Joe McDermott – and said, "finance body cameras for the Sheriff's Office. Body cameras – we have to have them."

There will be an inquest into the shooting, although Le's attorneys hinted Wednesday there could be other legal action depending on the outcome of the investigation.