SEATTLE – A brazen thief broke into a Queen Anne neighborhood apartment building Sunday. After decades of no problems, it's the second time the building has been broken into in less than two months.

"It's just really surprising in this area, as nice as it is," said Wes Davis, who heard a bang early Sunday when it's believed a man pried open the front door.

The building on the corner of Queen Anne Avenue and West Highland Drive is near Kerry Park.

"We haven't had anything like this and then all the sudden snap, snap. Two in a row" Davis said.

Longtime managers and residents say they can't remember any problems in at least two decades until they had a break-in a few days after Christmas.

Surveillance video captured the woman in the laundry room on that day. The building manager says she stole a package and tried to get into a closet.

The incident seemed isolated until a man pried open the front door Sunday morning. After breaking into a storage closet and stealing tools, he headed to the laundry room where he went through some laundry and used someone's towel to dry off.

"This is not his first time doing this. He looked very relaxed and cool," the building manager said.

The manager is glad the man never came face-to-face with an unsuspecting tenant and now they hope the fingerprints police gathered and the surveillance video will lead to an arrest.

"It's happened twice in less than two months. Is this a pattern? Are they connected in any way? I don't know," said the manager.

Connected or not, they just want to bring back some of the peace of mind.

"It makes you feel a little less secure than you would, you know in your home" Davis said.