A Seafair pirate was arrested for assault after forcefully kissing three women at the Daffodil Parade in Puyallup Saturday.

The pirate, who was on the Seafair float, kissed two female bus drivers on the cheek before “planting a long, passionate mouth kiss on a third bus driver,” according to a Puyallup Police Facebook post.

The third woman was “shocked,” and the kiss cut her lip, Puyallup Police said in the post.

The pirate then gave the woman his card, got back on the float, and continued on the parade.

Seattle Seafair Pirates called the pirate’s behavior “inappropriate” and said in a statement that the pirate is no longer a member of their organization.

“The Seattle Seafair Pirates condemn any behavior that places the safety of others in jeopardy and/or violates personal spaces and boundaries,” Seattle Seafair Pirates wrote in a statement.

The woman intends to press charges, according to police.