SEATTLE -- Seattle Police said they are "confident" remains found in a central Seattle recycling bin Saturday are those of Ingrid Lyne.

John Robert Charlton, 37, was arrested in Snohomish County and booked for investigation of murder, Seattle Police Chief Kathleen O'Toole announced Monday. His first court appearance is set for Tuesday afternoon.

Lyne, 40, was reported missing Saturday. Friends say Lyne went on a date to the Seattle Mariners' home opener with Charlton Friday night, but she didn't pick up her children from their grandparents' house Saturday.

On Saturday afternoon, human remains were discovered in a Seattle recycling container. Police say the body parts were packaged and placed in the bin sometime late Friday or Saturday.

The homicide unit learned Saturday night that the Renton Police Department had taken a missing person report which included a photograph of Lyne.

O'Toole said based on observations by the investigators, the victim was tentatively identified.

"The medical examiner must scientifically identify the victim, but we have no reason to believe there is any question of the victim's identity," O'Toole said Monday.

A search warrant uncovered evidence that led police to Charlton as a suspect.

"We used some forensic evidence dealing with telephone calls and cell towers and the usual investigative shoe leather, utilizing those we were led to a suspect early on," said Assistant Chief Robert Merner.

Seattle Police say Lyne's SUV was found late Monday night in downtown Seattle.