SEATTLE - The Kitsap County Sheriff's Office is warning residents about a man who is trying to scam them out of money by pretending to be a county court investigator. He even goes so far as to provide a legitimate-looking ID.

The department says the man calls himself Stephen Davenport. He has allegedly called from various phone numbers claiming the victim has missed jury duty and is being held in contempt. To sound more legit, the man even suggests the victim needs to show up at the courthouse at a certain date and time.

The caller then tells the victim they can make this all go away by paying as much as $2,000 via a prepaid card.

Those who have received calls reported that the man sounded "credible" and "believable."

When some have demanded identification, the man has allegedly texted them a fake photo ID card.

A Google image search finds the image on the ID card is also on the LinkedIn profile of an Adam Chandler. His profile says he lives in Berkshire, England, and is Managing Director at Shred-On-Site Ltd., a document shredding company.

But it's not known if he is the one making the calls or if the scammer simply grabbed that photo at random.

The sheriff's office says it's important to know

- The department does not handle jury administration. That comes from the court clerk.

- All communication regarding jury duty come in writing, not by phone

- No arrest warrants are issued for missing jury duty

- Anyone with questions about jury duty in Kitsap County should call (360) 337-7166, ext. #6

Residents are advised never to share personal information or send money when you get a call like this.