SEATTLE – “It’s always the busiest night of the year.”

Saturdays before Halloween are like Michael MacDonald’s Super Bowl. This is his fifth year scaring at the Georgetown Morgue.

“I’ve always liked scary movies,” said MacDonald.

This night he was one of 25 character actors at the popular haunted house.

In the hours before the attraction opened, five makeup artists, including Hannah Sturtevant, quickly helped the actors get into character.

“I like to use the liquid latex because it dries faster,” said Sturtevant, who normally has a goal of helping people get pretty.

This night she needs them to look menacing.

While backstage, MacDonald is calm. As his character, Dr. Ross, he’s a different person.

“Maybe it’s a little bit therapeutic, maybe,” he said. “Maybe let out some of that pent-up aggression.”

The Georgetown Morgue is open through next weekend.