SEATTLE - You might miss it if you blink.

Tucked in between multi-million dollar, high-rise condos is a pair of twin beach houses that people come from all over to see.

"I have friends all over the world."

Randie Stone welcomes visitors as she has for more than two decades to her homes that burst with blooms from mid-May to October. Flowers in every color pour over decks, peak out underneath and even crawl along the roof.

It's a welcome sight in the midst of all the concrete.

"People just, sometimes they just stop to say thank you 'cuz I give them a smile or a drink at the water fountain," says Randie.

She bought the 1914 beach houses in 1989. Soon thereafter, she started adding color. "And then it just evolved. It just started growing. Ha! Started growing!"

Randie grew up in Hawaii. So she's used to being surrounded by flowers. "I just kinda created a little Hawaii right here."

Her place even achieved status as a certified wildlife habitat. "It's re

She says she doesn't even want to know how much time she spends watering and tending to her thousands of simple but it's so wonderful. You have the elements to sustain birds, bumble bees, butterflies."

"It's something I do everyday and some nights when friends go and have dinner and relax, I gotta deadhead. I don't mind. I love it."