SEATTLE, Wash. -- This Seattle spot may look like a meat processing plant. But it's not. This meat is made from vegetables.

"Well we're at the Field Roast Grain Meat company, I started the company 18 years ago with my brother," said David Lee, president of Field Roast. He's vegan, and he didn't like the meat substitutes on the market.

"We looked at all the fake meats that were out there. And we thought 'hey, people really want real food'. So we wanted to make a real veggie meat that had fresh vegetables, just kinda the real food that we all like to eat every day."

His company Field Roast makes flavorful fare that even meat and potato types love. Ingredients like Yukon gold potatoes and Wenatchee apples go into their popular smoked apple sausage.

These faux meats are now mainstream. On the walls of the office, Lee proudly displays logos of all the stadiums that sell Field Roast's vegan burgers and frankfurters on game day. But back when this company was just a couple of vegetarians with an idea, PCC helped them out.

"PCC was one of our first customers, actually our first customer. I would take the samples to the PCC Fremont store and get opinions from the chefs there."

PCC'S Lynne Vea visited to see how wheat, potatoes and apples become sausage. It looked a lot like a regular meat processing plant, sans the meat, of course.

This company has a couple of basics they believe in -- work environments should be uplifting, and that 'hands on' work is an important part of crafting tasty food.

LIke hand dipped 'roasts' for all of the vegans who must nibble on salads during a typical holiday feast. They fly off the shelves during the holiday season.

Lee explains what's in one of their holiday offerings: "So this is our Hazelnut Cranberry Roast en croute, it's with an outer layer of hazelnut infused grain meat, and a stuffed with a crystallized ginger cranberry filling and wrapped in a vegan puff pastry."

A bonus you don't have to be vegetarian to appreciate -- these are a heck of a lot easier to cook than a turkey.