Lynnwood, WA - For Corey Anderson there's nothing wrong with bottling up a dream.

"You know I made root beer as a kid with my father growing up and it was kind of a family tradition. We did it every Christmas," said Anderson.

Anderson's dream has always been to make his own root beer. But, just as he was getting started he discovered there's a lot of competition.

"There's about 350 or so different brands of root beer in America that we're guessing are active," said Anderson.

So, Anderson founded The Root Beer Store instead. He now sells 100 types of root beer in Lynnwood, everything from A & W to Zuberfizz. His store also had sodas flavored with buffalo wings and peanut butter and jelly.

"I've got 50 year olds that come in and they'll see a soda they haven't seen since they were five years old and they will jump up and down and clap like a little girl."

You'll also find root beer flavored cookie mixes, barbecue sauce, and mustard.

There's another tradition Anderson celebrates at The Root Beer Store: the root beer float.

Reporter Saint Bryan asked, "So, what is the motto of this place?"

Anderson responded, "Whine less. Smile more. Drink root beer."

The Root Beer Store is located at 20015 Washington 99 in Lynnwood, WA.