WASHINGTON (AP) - The House on Tuesday overwhelmingly adopted legislation to ease some mortgage lending requirements of the sweeping 2010 law reining in banks and Wall Street as the Republican majority continues its assault on the so-called Dodd-Frank law enacted after the financial crisis.

The House first voted 263-162 on a bill to ease some curbs on lending for mobile and modular homes. Lawmakers then voted 286-140 for a second measure that would ease restrictions aimed at making sure consumers can repay their loans - but that have had the effect of making it more difficult for some prospective borrowers to obtain credit.

The first vote fell short of the two-thirds that would be required to overcome a veto threat issued by President Barack Obama on Monday. The second measure garnered the two-thirds vote necessary to override a veto.
In threatening a veto, the White House had warned that the bills would permit borrowers to be "steered" into higher-cost loans.