CLEVELAND, OH -- I've been to 5 weddings this summer already with two more to go and continue to hear about those of you looking for something beyond Macy's or Crate and Barrel. Before we get to five great unique registries...

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Airline Registries: Almost as good as cash, my wife and I registered with a major airline. The people that gave to it also benefited from air miles when they gifted. We chose United Airlines. Their personalized registry web portal made things easy.

Hotel Registries: Another great option to cash-in on an experience or use for a honeymoon / anniversary.

Tech Registries: Consider Best Buy's often overlooked registry or, which gives you access to most of the products on planet earth.

Outdoor Lovers: REI has a registry option for couples outdoor enthusiasts and some nice updated features.

Cash Registries: Let's face it: the vast majority of couples these days want money. For those who want to ask for cash without any shame, registries, like allow visitors to give toward events like a household renovation, trip, new home or even a graduate degree.

Matt Granite is host and producer of "Ways to Save," a daily deal and consumer news segment for TV, web and USA Today. He makes no money from any of the company or deals he links to in his pieces.

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