After receiving inquiries about the effectiveness of new glasses developed to correct color blindness, KING 5 put a pair to the test from O2Amp.

The Oxy-Iso glasses are designed to assist people with red-green color blindness.

The condition affects roughly 8 percent of men and less than 1 percent of women, according to the National Eye Institute.

KING 5 asked a viewer and cedar home designer who happens to be color blind to try the glasses.

Allan Marsh said he discovered he was color blind as a child and experiencing frustration around color near daily.

As a cedar home designer, Marsh struggles to see the red pen often used to mark up designs, and that is just the beginning of his troubles.

"Definitely, street lights," said Marsh listing off other aspects of life that give him trouble.

The battery indicator on his phone, sunsets and fireworks were also on that list.

"When people go, 'Oh, look at the purple one.' I'm going, 'What purple one?'" Marsh said.

Marsh was giddy and even giggled as he put on the glasses for the first time.

"Holy crap!" he exclaimed. "It's just everything is a lot different."

Marsh said the glasses made a huge difference for him and made it much easier to interpret markups on his designs.

"Oh wow, that is red!" said Marsh. "See, it lights it up a lot."

Optometrist, Dr. Evie Lawson of Eyes on You in Seattle acknowledges the glasses represent a great advancement in technology, but she cautions the glasses aren't a cure-all.

"When I put these glasses on, I can't see that that is blue anymore or that that is yellow anymore. So, it effects every other color, which is not great," Dr. Lawson said. "We are going to have to find something better than these new glasses. I think it needs to be more practical, but yes, there is a huge possibility we will be able to find some advancements in that."

Tuesday the O2 Amp Glasses were going for about $300 on Amazon. There are many other brands also available.

It recommended potential customers read the reviews about the various brands and talk with their doctors before making a purchase.