BOTHELL, Wash. – A Bothell appliance store closed, but didn't deliver all orders customers had placed.

Heather Hamamoto thought it seemed like a good idea to renovate her kitchen using a local company instead of a national big-box retailer.

She ordered thousands of dollars worth of appliances from Seattle Home Appliance in Bothell.

While most of her appliances were delivered, she is still waiting on a $300 oven hood and the registration of a $400 warranty she paid for.

"We've been trying to track down the business owner over the past week," said Hamamoto, who said she showed up to the store's Bothell location only to find the doors locked and lights out.

There are other customers in a similar situation, as well, according to posts on a Bothell community Facebook group.

"It's the principle that outrages me the most," said Hamamoto, who plans to dispute the charges with her credit card company.

A lawyer for the store, David Smith, said he had no comment.