Want to make the most of your summer? Set realistic goals.

Whether you want to work out more or spend more time at the beach -- be honest about what's realistic.

"Are you working 60 hours a week this summer or 20?" said Life Coach Julie Lamonica. "That will impact your ability to visit every state park in Washington, for example."

Lamonica said you should always be "SMART" when setting your goals.

S: Stated. Is your goal clear?
M: Measurable. How will you know when you've attained your goal?
A: Agreed upon. Social support and accountability can keep you on track.
R: Realistic.
T: Time-bound. Do you have enough time to reach this goal?

Once you have a "SMART" goal, break it up into steps.

For instance, if your goal is to power-walk every day for 30 minutes, start with a smaller amount of time and work your way up.

Lamonica said, tracking your progress and sharing it with others can help keep you motivated.

Don't forget to reward yourself.

"For each day you actually get out there and exercise, maybe you also get to do a cannonball into the pool. Or spray your kids with the hose. Or watch the sunset. It could be anything!"

Still not sure where to start?

"Some people love making a summer bucket list," she said. "That can be a really fun way to approach the season.”