Having an ice cold brew is something most people love. But, sharing that beer with good friends is truly memorable.

Whether you’re tailgating or visiting a bar, toasting and drinking with your best buds are moments in life you don’t want to miss. Now you don’t have to thanks to social media.

There are a number of apps you can download to your phone, but there is one that is widely considered as the Facebook of the beer world. Untappd is a social beer app that allows people to share their favorite beers with just about anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Through Untapped, users can connect with other fellow beer drinkers online. The app’s creators made it possible for you to check-in at your favorite watering holes, rate their beers and upload pictures of them. You can also learn about new craft beers and breweries people in your network like and don’t like. This can be very helpful for beer enthusiasts who like to search for trendy beers, or find rare and uncommon kinds of microbrew.

Earning badges seems to be a popular feature of Untappd. Users are rewarded each time they check-in and post about the beers they are drinking. But, they’re certain requirements users must meet before badges are issued.

If you ever find yourself drinking alone, don’t worry. Your friends are just a click, or a sip, away. Cheers!