Cupcake Royale was selected BEST Cupcake by the voters of Western Washington in 2016's Best of Western Washington contest.

Cupcake Royale was founded in 2003 and maintains its claim to fame as the first cupcake bakery outside of New York! It may have taken some grouchy Seattleites awhile to accept a cupcakery in the neighborhood, but as soon as they tasted Cupcake Royale's little made-from-scratch desserts, they were sold. Now you'll find that any Seattle local will extol the bakery's homemade buttercream frosting and recommend their favorite flavor.

While the bakery started with just one location in Madrona, they've grown immensely over the years and now have locations across the Seattle area, from Ballard to Capitol Hill. You can even pick up their cupcakes at the Pagliacci's in Bellevue if you order online! You should also know that they sell more than just cupcakes; their cookies and ever-changing seasonal ice cream flavors are delicious.

Cupcake Royale
2052 NW Market St
Seattle, WA 98107
(206) 701-6238