Cave Man Kitchen was selected BEST Barbecue by the voters of Western Washington in 2016's Best of Western Washington contest.

You'd probably guess the food is the main reason Cave Man Kitchen has won for best barbecue, but it's actually the people.

Want to know the secret of Cave Man Kitchen's success? It's right behind the counter where Roseanna Donley has been serving up the state's best smokehouse meats since she was 17-years-old.

"Dad" Donley--Mr. D--figured a restaurant would be a great way to keep his five kids out of trouble.

“I can still hear him yelling ‘Roseanne, Front and Center,’” said Roseanne.

Dad let his kids choose the name.

“We were either going to be Cave Man or Lt. Donley's Chicken so all the kids voted on Cave Man because it's the original way of cooking over an open fire,” said Roseanne.

Most of Cave Man's meats are cooked in a busy smoke house. We can't show you how because that's a family secret.

“We just don't let people look in our smoker,” said Roseanne.

Whatever they're doing in there, they're doing it right.

“We got to cook for Julia Child, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson,” said Roseanne.

But it's the locals who come back most regularly.

“It's almost a destination place,” said Larry McLaren. “If I get within five miles of here I always try to come by and pick something up. It's great food.”

And it's all thanks to Dad Donley: The Original Caveman.

Your choice for Best Barbecue.

“You can brag about your business, but when the public says it, it speaks ten times the volume,” said Roseanne. “We're so honored.”

This is an especially busy time of the year for Cave Man Kitchen. Their smoked turkeys are in high demand around Thanksgiving.

Cave Man Kitchen
(253) 854-1210
807 W. Valley HWY, Kent WA 98032