Of course you can find thousands of books, DVDs, and magazines at the Woodmont Public Library, part of King County's library system.

You can also borrow something that you can eat – and don't have to return – seeds.

Woodmont is the only library in King County to offer a free seed library.

Carrots, zucchini, tomatoes, flowers – you borrow it, you grow it.

"It's amazing," said Woodmont's librarian, Amy, who helps run the seed library program. "We don't require anyone to return seeds. But we do ask if people are able and willing that they return seeds at the end of their harvest."

Since the seed program began last spring, people have borrowed more than 1,200 packets of seeds.

"We love extra seeds," said Rebecca Montgomery, who checked out sweet pea seeds with her son a few months ago. "Let's grow something."

So far, five people have returned seeds from the plants or vegetables they harvested thanks to the library's program.